Marine Sunset, Agrimer’s new skin care collection, boasts cleansers, moisturizers, face masks and body care products to be customized with seven different 100% natural textures, five colours inspired from the sky’s shades at sunset, and five different fragrances.

Face and body

Composed of a milky shower powder, a melting oily scrub, a moisturizing milk, and bath crystals, the body range diffuses a gradation of blue and purple shades in a fruity and vanilla olfactory ambience.

The face products come in seven variations of innovative cleansing and moisturizing textures, like the whipped crushed gel cleanser, a gel which turns into foam and can be adorned with four different colours, or the super-moisturizing ice jelly mask, the professional peel-off powder mask, and the cleansing exfoliating powder which turns into foam.

Customizable colours and perfumes

Depending on the professional customers’ wishes, each product can be created with a different fragrance and colour mix, for example soft green with an aromatic citrus scent, or pastel pink with a solar, floral scent.

The range, 100% of natural origin, boasts a high concentration of Pelvatia extract derived from brown algae rich in antioxidant polyphenols and sea water. The latter contains a high mineral and trace element content which supports cell communication.

The rituals are designed for all skins and ages.