Presented this week at the in-cosmetics Latin America trade show, in São Paulo, Algaktiv Collage was crafted from Vegan Collagen Peptides and Spermidine derived from resilient extremophile microalgae named Hematococcus pluvialis.

This microalgae, which thrives in the harshest environments of Iceland, has the remarkable ability to change its own biochemistry when subjected to strong environmental stress, producing Astaxanthin, a red nutraceutical antioxidant.

Sustainable cultivation, extraction and upcycling

In Iceland, the purest and most sustainable Astaxanthin is obtained through the cultivation of Hematococcus pluvialis in enclosed photobioreactors powered by 100% renewable geothermal energy. The oil-soluble nutraceutical Astaxanthin is extracted from the stressed microalgae, leaving a water-soluble fraction behind that was previously considered waste.

Algaktiv has developed in Barcelona an innovative process to upcycle the Astaxanthin-depleted Hematococcus pluvialis “waste”, giving it new life.

The power of vegan peptides

Algaktiv Collage harnesses the power of vegan, upcycled peptides, standardized in glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. These peptides serve as the building blocks for native collagen production, promoting skin firmness and elasticity.

Additionally, Algaktiv Collage features Spermidine, a natural booster of collagen synthesis in the skin, further enhancing its rejuvenating effects.

"At Algaktiv, we are driven by a passion for developing high-performance skincare solutions that deliver remarkable results while prioritizing sustainability," states Jordi Ayats, Product Development Director. "Algaktiv Collage represents the culmination of our deep understanding of skin biology and the evolving needs of consumers worldwide."

In vitro and clinical studies

In vitro tests demonstrate that Algaktiv Collage boosts native collagen production in the dermis, resulting in a remarkable increase of up to 27.96% with Collage 0.5% and 40.37% with Collage 1%.

Algaktiv Collage delivers hydration benefits comparable to hyaluronic acid, with a significant boost of 34% at 0.5%. According to Algaktiv, the combination of 0.5% Hyaluronic acid +0.5% Algaktiv Collage increases hydration by almost 60%.

The clinical evaluations also showcase the transformative effects of the new active ingredient on the skin.

A study conducted with 1% Algaktiv Collage revealed its ability in restructuring the skin from within and shaping the 3D matrix. After 7 days, firmness and plumping improved by 2.2 and 3.4 times, respectively, while moisturization showed a remarkable threefold improvement after 28 days. The reduction in wrinkles was visually significant.

A study conducted at 2% demonstrated Algaktiv Collage’s ability to provide full-day hydration. Within just 1 hour of application, hydration levels increased by nearly 30% compared to a placebo’s 7%. This superior performance was maintained for 24 hours.

The third clinical evaluation, conducted at 3% Algaktiv Collage, showcased unprecedented results, with a remarkable hydration increase of 35% after only 10 minutes, a significant improvement compared to the placebo. Inner skin images depicted intense and long-lasting hydration lasting up to 24 hours. The amino acid’s rapid binding capacity with key skin elements, such as Hyaluronic acid does, and its ability to reshape the inner structure, were instrumental in reducing wrinkles by an impressive 14% after just 10 minutes.

Certified by Cosmos, Algaktiv Collage is vegan, sustainably sourced from upcycled microalgae grown in Iceland, GMO-free, and China listed. It boasts high stability and ease of formulation, with all toxicological assessments successfully completed.

"Consumers are increasingly seeking natural and sustainable alternatives that deliver exceptional results. Algaktiv Collage, with its unique composition rich in Vegan Collagen Peptides and polyamine, addresses this demand by leveraging the power of microalgae collagen amino acids to restore the skin’s architecture and enhance its overall health," concludes Alexandre Lapeyre, Marketing Director.