The Brazilian maker of biotech personal care ingredients has appointed Greenact to distribute its products in the domestic market.

With a focus on environmental responsibility, Apoena Biotech stands out for its innovative approach to replacing traditional unsustainable inputs and processes. Through their partnership with Greenact, they aim at establishing a supply network of ingredients innovative and sustainable ingredients in this sector.

The initial distribution deal includes three recently launched products:

- Ramnocare. A multifaceted biosurfactant endowed with antioxidant properties and skin protection capabilities. Designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, it offers hydration and fosters the formation of a protective barrier. Moreover, it serves as a valuable ingredient in formulations for soap, shampoo, and makeup removers.
- Apobio Skin. A postbiotic active agent boasting pro-aging effects, effectively smoothing, firming, and hydrating the skin. In vitro tests have shown a remarkable 53% surge in hyaluronic acid synthesis. The ingredient leverages the power of fermented astragalus membranaceus and simulates a retinol-like impact.
- Apobio Slim. Another postbiotic active, manufactured by lactobacillus, exhibits anti-cellulite properties and safeguards the skin’s natural barrier. This ingredient triggers a 45% boost in the lipolysis process, promoting fat burning within cells and mitigating cellulite. Its efficacy aligns with that of caffeine.

In our pursuit of business partnerships, we seek more than mere contractual agreements; we seek those who share our deep passion for advancing a sustainable and healthier world. Greenact wholeheartedly embraces this commitment, making it an ideal partner,” said Patricia Mendes, head of marketing at Apoena Biotech.