Launched in 2020, and then purchased by Sophie Maisant in 2022, the Bastille brand was initially based on the concept of more natural perfumes and more transparency and traceability. To go even further, it has just become the first perfume brand to affix an RFID label on its products, together with a QR Code that provides access to all the product and manufacturing information.

When we met Avery Dennison, it felt obvious the RFID technology was essential to go even further. Not only does it help us achieve our transparency ambitions towards our consumers, but it also involves operational excellence, which adds to our promise”, explains Sophie Maisant.

Avery Dennison provides smart labels based on radiofrequency identification. The data collected with this technology is stored, harmonized, and made readable to Bastille via, Avery Dennison’s connected product cloud. A unique digital identity is attributed to each product, so they can be followed up every step of the supply chain, from sourcing to distribution, with an order tracking function in real time. In addition, the brand has access to the analysis of interactions with consumers.

If the RFID technology makes it possible to store product data, once scanned, the QR Code directly leads to an application containing the whole brand’s world: list of ingredients, origin identified on a map, packaging suppliers, and date of manufacturing.

I think we are the only brand to have chosen to communicate the date when our products were made and bottled, only by scanning a QR Code. And it is just the first step; we will soon cover the whole logistics chain. I would love to be able to track products up to the flower, with our partner, IFF. This technology offers endless possibilities. We can add as much content as we want,” adds the President.

If the beauty industry has only just discovered this technology, major companies like Zara and Decathlon have already embraced it. “There are so many possibilities regarding stock management, consumer experience and authentication”, says Sophie Maisant. “It is true it is a significant investment for a company, but that is the price to pay for the transparency and operational excellence offered by this technology,” she concludes.

The transformation of the perfume brands to meet the new demands from consumers will be one of the key topics of the next Fragrance Innovation Summit on November 30 in Paris.