Taste is the forgotten sense of cosmetics, yet all of us have bitterness receptors (TAS2Rs) on the surface of our skin! By targeting TAS2Rs, Regetaste reverses epidermal senescence in an entirely new way! Senescence is involved in the breakdown of the cutaneous barrier, leading to a dull complexion and rough skin. By activating cell regeneration, Regetaste strengthens the skin’s barrier function, reducing desquamation and leaving skin smoother, softer, fresher and more radiant.

Up-cycling collection

To create this new ingredient, Codif got inspiration from the Marie Menard organic apple pomace from Brittany.

The Marie Ménard organic apple is grown in an agricultural cooperative with an "Agri-Confiance" policy in the Côtes d’Armor region of Brittany in Pleudihen, France.

Codif’s new certified organic Regetaste extract is the co-product of apple cider processing: apple pomace. It is obtained by pressing whole apples (skin, seeds and stem). The pomace is traditionally used in the pectin industry or for animal feed.

What makes it unique? Epidermal senescence: a new anti-ageing target

Until now, cosmetics have focused on fibroblasts to communicate about skin senescence. But senescence affects other parts of the skin.

Codif initiated the Poly-Mer project, a colossal undertaking involving numerous players in the field to identify new skin targets. Poly-Mer has identified, through the creation of a model of senescent skin, that senescent keratinocytes lead to destructuring of the stratum corneum, loss of cohesion, reduced thickness of the epidermis and a reduction in the number of living cells.

Regetaste acts on senescent keratinocytes, and the results are outstanding!

- Enhanced barrier function
- Improved skin texture
- Smoother, softer skin (Touchy Finger)
- New skin effect: radiance and freshness