The quest for “in-and-out” beauty is gradually gaining ground in Europe, North America, and Brazil. This form of holistic beauty is meant to be global and more sustainable. It is a learning that can be acquired over time: harmony with yourself takes time. Beyond perfection, it is a search for peace of mind through a new lifestyle. And cosmetic products only make up one part of the allies in this quest for positive, more inclusive beauty. Our skin mirrors our own emotions, but also our health.

Contrary to young women looking for instantaneous perfection – the ones that advocate Filtered Beauty and do not hesitate to use cosmetic surgery as soon as they spot a fine line or the tiniest flaw – others choose a completely different approach: that of plural beauty and self-acceptance.

The 2023 edition of in-cosmetics Global, which will be held in Barcelona from March 28 to 30, 2023, will reflect these trends.


- Feel Good Beauty - Me, My skin, and My statement beauty

- “More than a scent, tomorrow’s fragrances will be a source of harmony”

- “The ’body confidence’ trend is to the body what well ageing is to anti-ageing”

- Vertical farming, innovative sourcing for cosmetics and fragrances

- Safety and tolerance testing for cosmetics

- in-cosmetics Global Awards 2023 Finalists

- Ingredient news

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