As a result of the various confinements, new skincare practices have emerged, often inspired by Japanese concepts. Our vision of beauty has also changed. Rituals are minimalist, and skincare products, which have progressed significantly, unlike make-up, which is lagging behind, are becoming more efficient. Massage techniques complete the picture, for our skin’s greatest well- being.

Above all, the objective is the well- being of the skin for a fresh and natural complexion. People invest in daily care and hygiene rather than spending time concealing imperfections. They want perfect, luminous, unified skin... with a minimum of products while integrating new facial massage techniques.

Faced with these new challenges, laboratories must revisit their formulas. On the one hand, they have to integrate these new skincare routines by working on the sensory side, and on the other, they have to find simpler, more natural formulas, free of controversial ingredients. in short, more “eco- designed”.


- Good skin, the return to a natural and serene beauty

- “The challenge is to develop both sensory and natural formulas,” Seppic

- How to evaluate the performance of actives and cosmetics on the biomechanical properties of the skin?

- “The respect for the microbiota, sustainability, a positive environmental impact and skin well-being are now a
prerequisite,” Pauline Martin, Givaudan

- Ingredient news: Argeville, BASF Care Creations, Clariant, Codif Technlogie Naturelle, Croda, Expanscience, Exsymol, Gelyma, Givaudan, Greentech, IFF Lucas Meyer, Lipoid, LLS Beauty, Mibelle, Seppic, Silab, Solabia

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