The Swiss-Dutch ingredient specialist for the nutrition, health and beauty markets has announced the upcoming commissioning of a brand-new facility for the production of Habanolide, a synthetic musk widely used in perfumery.

Located in southwest France, the new state-of-the-art facility, expected to be operational in January 2024, will significantly increase the production capacity of this perfume ingredient and help meet the rapidly growing demand for sustainable products.

This is our first Habanolide® production unit in Europe,” said Emmanuel Butstraen, President Perfumery & Beauty at dsm-firmenich in a statement. “It will further strengthen our strategic position and enable us to offer additional capabilities for perfumery production in the region. In addition to helping us capture the growth opportunities that lie ahead, it will also contribute to lowering the carbon footprint of our logistics operations. We’ll be able to provide an enhanced service close to our customers in Europe and help them deliver on their own sustainability goals by reducing their scope 3 emissions.

Spanning across four levels, the new facility adds on to the production line in New Jersey, USA.

Habanolide is a macrocyclic musk with a warm and slightly woody note. It is a key ingredient in the company’s industry-leading palette, and extremely popular in combination with other dsm-firmenich’s renewable musks such as Helvetolide and Romandolide, as well as with the recently introduced captive ingredients Sorbettolide and Casmiwood. This capacity increase will also benefit the Habanolide derivatives Exaltolide Total and Exaltolide.

This expansion project received €1million in support from the national recovery plan implemented by the French government and the regional authorities of Nouvelle Aquitaine to accelerate industrial investments in France.

Please note: dsm-firmenich will present the new additions to its Firgood palette of natural ingredients at the Fragrance Innovation Summit on 30 November 2023. Details and registration: