The rise of conscious beauty

Today’s consumers want their lifestyles and the products they use to reflect their values: 30% of them are ready to pay more for an environmentally-friendly cosmetic product (Mintel). The clean beauty trend was born to meet this growing need. However, 46% of consumers do not understand the difference between a natural and a "clean" product (Mintel), pointing to the subjectivity and lack of standardization of the definition of "clean beauty".

This is how "conscious beauty" gradually came into being. Based on criteria similar to those of clean beauty, it also integrates the dimension of minimalism, multi-functionality of ingredients, renewable, natural and biodegradable resources. 47% of consumers claim to use fewer cosmetic products to achieve a more sustainable effect, and 29% are even prepared to buy multifunctional products to consume less but better (Mintel). To meet this growing demand, the cosmetics market has therefore worked on its offer with more natural ingredients, while guaranteeing respect for the skin and the environment, as well as a pleasant sensorial experience.

Hybrid polymers for conscious beauty

To meet the expectations of conscious beauty, Seppic offers a range of eco-designed hybrid polymers: SEPILIFE™ G305 (INCI: Acrylamide/Sodium - Acryloyldimethyl - Taurate Copolymer - C15-19 Alkane - Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate - Polyglycerin-10) et SEPILIFE™ NUDE (INCI: Sodium Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer - C15-19 Alkane - Polyglyceryl-6 Laurate - Polyglycerin-6)

The SEPILIFE™ range offers alternatives to synthetic polymers, possessing a high percentage of naturality (according to ISO 16 128) and guaranteeing thickening properties similar to those of synthetic polymers. They are also inherently biodegradable (OECD 301B). They belong to a new generation of rheology modifiers based on inverse emulsion polymerization. To guarantee high technical performance, the petrochemical polymer backbone has been retained. At the same time, the other components have been selected for their natural origin, with the aim of meeting the need for a more eco-conscious formulation, while maintaining the desired efficacy and sensoriality.

In addition to naturalness and biodegradability, the range of hybrid polymers also enables energy savings. Thanks to their ability to be cold processable, the heating step is no longer necessary during formula preparation. Energy savings of up to 93%, as well as time savings of 73% compared with a formulation requiring a heating step, have been measured with the use of SEPILIFE™ G305.

Finally, Seppic’s range of hybrid polymers offers multiple properties, facilitating the formulation of "multifunctional" products and thus meeting consumer expectations in the conscious beauty market. In addition to their thickening properties, which make it possible to obtain sprayable, fluid to thick formulas, they possess emulsifying-stabilizing properties, helping to formulate and stabilize vegetable oils in emulsions. In fact, vegetable oils are often used as emollients in formulas with a high naturality index. These properties make them highly valued ingredients in formulations for all kinds of applications: hair care, skin care, sun care and make-up. A multitude of possible applications and textures, to meet every need.

Eco-designed formulas that don’t skimp on sensoriality

Seppic’s hybrid polymers offer differentiating sensorial properties to meet the varied needs of consumers.

SEPILIFE™ G305 offers easy spreadability, excellent pick-up as well as a soft finish after application. In the EU07737 formula, SEPILIFE™ G305 adds texture and stabilises the cream gel without emulsifiers and provides a soft touch to the skin.

As for SEPILIFE™ NUDE, it offers a nude sensation, with a natural finish. The presence of SEPILIFE™ NUDE in the formula also activates positive emotions, for sensory benefits after the formula is applied. It enables the formulation of a wide variety of textures, such as a thick cream, with the AS40154 formula. It offers a quick-break effect during the application, and a natural, fresh, non-sticky finish on the skin.