Gaia Classic Lipstick

The Gaia Classic Lipstick packaging pays homage to beauty heritage while incorporating sustainable practices. Crafted with over 95% aluminum, this packaging option significantly reduces the reliance on plastic materials. Meiyume has also implemented an assembly process that minimizes plastic usage, limited only to the cup that directly contacts the formula. This innovation allows for a seamless glide transition from regular mechanisms to a more sustainable alternative, without compromising functionality or aesthetics.

Gaia Elemental Lipstick

The Gaia Elemental Lipstick packaging is another testament to Meiyume’s commitment to sustainability. Constructed from aluminum, this packaging option offers a nod to beauty heritage while incorporating eco-friendly materials, eliminating plastic entirely and providing a recyclable solution.

An innovative feature of the Gaia Elemental Lipstick packaging is the patent-pending ’smart click system.’ This mechanism allows for efficient assembly processes and ensures that the lipstick cap closes securely and smoothly with a soft click. The solid weight of the container adds a premium touch, enhancing the overall user experience.

Gaia Refillable Lipstick

The Gaia Refillable Lipstick is available in two distinct case designs, both made from aluminum. Meiyume’s innovative approach extends to the M3 mechanism, a patented feature that enhances the user experience.

The Gaia Refillable Lipstick also features a patent-pending closing system that ensures a secure seal. By allowing customers to refill the lipstick, Meiyume promotes a circular economy and reduces waste generated by single-use products. With its focus on recyclability and durability, the Gaia Refillable Lipstick presents a compelling choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Meiyume’s Gaia range represents a significant step forward in sustainable packaging innovation for beauty products. By incorporating eco-friendly materials, minimizing plastic usage, and providing refillable options, Meiyume demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship. With the Gaia range, beauty brands can embrace a greener future while enjoying the luxurious and high-quality packaging that Meiyume is known for.