Thanks to the microbiome test offered by the company Gallinée (bought by Shiseido in 2022) it is now possible to have a complete map of your skin’s condition: its real age, its strengths, but also its deficiencies. Gallinée’s “Skin Health and Microbiome Test” provides a series of personalized recommendations.

Like a living shield on the surface of the skin, the microbiome is a colony of beneficial bacteria providing the first defense against the outside world. Its balance is based on a harmonious distribution of the micro-organisms which compose it. The equation is simple: the richer and more diverse the skin microbiome, the healthier the skin. When the microbiome is in balance, it is able to maintain hydration levels, visibly improve feelings of dryness, tightness, discomfort, and reduce the risk of redness and sensitivity. But how do you know that it is in balance? By performing a test.

The test offered by Gallinée is two part. First at home, all one has to do is follow the instructions furnished with the kit, simple as child’s play!

First place the patch on the forehead and hold with a light pressure for ten seconds in order to gather the skin’s information, then place this in the collection tube, put the tube in an envelope, and send it to the laboratory. Four weeks later, the results are sent to your address. A precise and in-depth analysis that allows you to know the diversity of your microbiome, as well as a prescription indicating the elements that are beneficial to it.

Even faster and very effective, Lancôme’s Skin Screen carries out a skin diagnosis that is as simple as it is precise. This diagnosis, currently done at the Champs Elysées flagship, delivers a score ranging from 0 to 100 based on dermatological assessments. The Lancôme beauty advisor explains the results obtained for each parameter and gives personalized advice by offering tailor-made treatment.

Lancôme’s test takes two minutes to analyze and identify a skincare routine (methods and products) most adapted to one’s skin. This new diagnosis method pushes the limits of skin analysis, the simulation of aging reveals the future of your skin over a period of 15 to 10 years, showing the effects due to external aggressions (UV, pollution, stress) on the natural aging process.

L’Oréal also offers the Meta Profiler with Giorgio Armani (Galeries Lafayette). This device is used to decode the skin using a high-precision diagnosis in 10 minutes. While photos of the skin are taken quickly, the associated questionnaire takes more time. The tool measures the skin’s criteria and delivers a skincare routine. The device provides imagery with magnification ten times greater than that of the human eye.

Thanks to these new tech tools, the promise “care adapted to your skin and your lifestyle” is imbued with real truth.