For some time now, we have seen the emergence of the concept of "ageing well". It is linked to better health but also to a more fulfilling life as the years go by. "Ageing well" starts with accepting the passage of time and the effects it can have on our mental and physical well-being.

But it also means controlling certain parameters that make us feel older. Unfortunately, some factors can’t be controlled. It is impossible to fight against gravity, for example, which permanently influences the resistance of our tissues. Well, is it for sure?

What if we defied the laws of gravity?

Newton’s answers to gravity came from an apple falling to the ground from the top of an apple tree. Our solution to gravity comes from a plant that grows out of the ground and rises more than 2m towards the sky. This plant is the Isodon japonicus also called Enmei-so, meaning "the plant that prolongs life".

Inspired by this plant, Codif Technologie Naturelle obtained an anti-gravity active ingredient, J-Dermist, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibres.

Throughout the development of J-Dermist, science has been a great ally, right down to the way the effectiveness of the ingredient is measured, with X-Polar technology. It not only measures the quantity of collagen fibres, but more importantly the quality and rejuvenation of the collagen matrix. This way, we were able to observe the restructuring action of the matrix and the dermal-epidermal junction to redensify the skin in support fibres and help it to better resist gravity. Skin slackening is countered; wrinkles are reduced.

The following results have been measured:

- Collagen fibres are rejuvenated by up to +60%,
- The quantity of collagen fibres increases by up to +156%,
- A decrease of 13% in the influence of gravity on sagging wrinkles.